We provide "Book Bucks" for teachers to reward to students based on merit.  In a book fair fashion, children can then use their "Book Bucks" to choose from our collection when we visit their school.

    Code Read

Our Mission Statement

            Reading lets the mind grow in ways that nothing else can, and we at Code Read believe that every child deserves the chance to do so. Code Read is a non-profit organization founded in 2016, and our goal is to bring books to children who may not be able to afford them. And while helping kids gain the opportunity to expand their minds and imagination, we help them behave better in the classroom. “Book Bucks” used to buy books are earned through good behavior, and so students can be encouraged to have good conduct, and reap the reward for it. We wish to make the world a better place for kids, one book at a time.

Click on the button below to watch our founder, Mackenzie Krestul, speak to elementary students about Code Read.